After months of struggling to get leads off of their website while paying for SEO services and seeing no clear results, Ottawa MediSpa came to us with hopes of improving their SEO & generating more leads through their website. We quickly discovered that their main problem wasn’t SEO, but CRO, and we redeveloped their website to direct traffic flow to newly created CTAs that we had strategically designed & placed. Over the past many months, we have worked closely alongside Ottawa MediSpa to enhance their digital presence through improvements on their website, social platforms and more.

“We had tried doing things ourselves and using other companies before calling Reenvision. They work with our unique business model and needs, providing ongoing results that keep our business thriving. Well worth the investment!”

– Lise Anne from Ottawa MediSpa



Website Traffic


Thanks to a multitude of continuous strategic changes and added features on Ottawa MediSpa’s website, they have seen their number of users increase by 20%. The site has become more dynamic and user-friendly for both new users & Ottawa MediSpa’s existing client base.

Website Lead Generation


Our ultimate goal in working with Ottawa MediSpa has always been to assist them in generating more qualified leads through the implementation of our digital strategies. We are incredibly proud to have helped them increase their leads by 3000% year over year on a 90 day period.

Lead Conversion


Once we tackled the issue of Ottawa MediSpa’s poor conversion rate, we immediately began A/B testing & determining the most effective plan for drastically improving it. Through the outworking of our CRO strategy, Ottawa MediSpa has seen a remarkable 19.4x increase in conversion rate.